PAMELA DIMELER – OWNER & DIRECTOR OF Parkside Academy of Music and Dance.

http://www.pameladimeler.com   Wildlife photographer



 Pam has been teaching dance and piano since 1970. She is a graduate of Lebanon Valley College with a B.S. in Music Education, majoring in piano and voice. Pam opened PAMD in 1986. She has studied and incorporates the Vaganova Method of ballet in her teaching. Pam is a member of the Brandywine Harp Orchestra, which has performed both locally and abroad. She also plays harp for private events. She is on staff at the Rocky Run YMCA where she teaches Senior Strut and Silver Sneakers classes.

  • Dance w/Mommy (2 year olds)
  • Kinderdance (3-5 year olds)
  • Elementary 1 (1st and 2nd grades)
  • Elementary 2 (3rd and 4th grades)
  • Tap to all ages and levels
  • Adult Ballet and Tap
  • Private Music Lessons:
    Piano, Guitar, Voice, Harp

A note from Pam:

I am married to Scott and have 2 wonderful daughters, Crystal and Kota. I am and always have been an animal lover. I am a videographer and photographer who loves nature and all animals.  We currently have 2 dogs, Lacey (an adopted 6 year old collie) and Boomer (an adopted Shetland Sheepdog) and 2 cats:  Loki (found as a kitten under my Mother’s porch) and Pharoah (a stray that was found by a former student and I adopted).  I am currently following the Franklin Institute’s Red Tail Hawk family.  I have documented their lives this spring and at this moment have produced over 100 videos.  I also have been following a pair of Great Horned Owls that reside in a local forest in Delaware County, Media, PA.  You can find my videos on youtube, under Pamela Dimeler.

to contact me:  email pamdmail@aol.com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved to hear what you do. So funny, I take a dance class at the Hollywood YMCA. It’s called the Vintage dance class, since most of us are over 60. It’s led by a very young 50 year old who still does cartwheels across the floor to amaze us all. If the first half is too much for some of us, we join in the stretching at the barre for the last half. Interesting people…a few actresses (one 87) who still work in bit parts on TV and on the stage.

    Look forward to following your blog.
    I am surprised at your agility with the camera, since you say you are so new to it. You must really enjoy it.

    • Lenore, your dance class soundls like something I would love. The name “Vintage dance class” is perfect! I’m also teaching a tap class at a local retirement village. We have so much fun together and they even danced a tap dance to “Love and Marraige” in the annual talent show. I hope you have a chance to read my new story about my adventure in the forest. It was a special time. I also have a new video produced from July 7th and one more about to be finished from the same day with the FI hawks. Have a wonderful day Lenore.
      PS. I do really enjoy it. It is something new for me, so I’m still making mistakes and wishing I did things differently. Videography is very hard with moving animals! It was much easier when they were in the nest. LOL. I also never wrote before and I’m having quite a lot of fun with this. I just needed something new to spice up my life 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. We enjoy the photos and videos. My sons love birds, and they, like me, are excited that their Anana knows you.

    • You are very welcome Michelle! I wish I had more time to create posts. I use facebook every day and add new adventures, but I need to also update my blog. I have so much to share. Tonight I’m adding a video all about when the crows attacked Queen Athena. I think your son will really love watching this!

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